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Nowadays you have hundreds of traffic resources available for FREE or for a low monthly membership. The two major traffic resources are Traffic Exchanges and Mailing Systems. A membership give you some free monthly credits, faster surfing speed or more frequent mailing rates. I suggest always to start with the free option and get a good (or bad) feel for it. Then consider to upgrade. Just launched: Teamway, a great, free to join (forever) team builder for 10+ selected income streams with complete training. Excellent for beginners and being on a low budget! Recommended.

There are several programs ranking these traffic and mailing systems. Here is one of the oldest programs giving Online Advertising Rankings.  It publish Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002! Traffic Hoopla is great and even helps you to build YOUR affiliates. Another ranking site is Affiliate Funnel. Current ranking you can find here.

I use a combination of TOP ranked programs and some recent launched programs. Often you get (temporary) good results with those newly programs…. most have lists of up to 1000 members you can mail frequently.


My favored: A SOLID (and cheap) Performer: European Safelist

Consider an upgrade to PRO (just $7/mo) and mail up to 3 x times DAILY to 16,000+

Rock Solid, high ranked: State of the Art Mailer

Easy surf for extra credits, wide range of upgrades.

I mail every 3 days to 30,000 members.

Different but good: Bweeble  Mail up to 15,000 (solo emails)

Good but more expensive then most (unless you click to read emails…)

Rock Solid: Mister Safelist  VIP members can mail to 6700 every day.

List Unlocked let you mail 3560 every day with upgrade.

Lead Magnet let you mail 3750 every three days.

Smaller mailers:

New, just started: The Marketers Mailer (890 members)

Here one with: Impact (2040 members)


Close to my heart: Hit 2 Hit

Traffic Swirl, another top ranked Traffic Exchange.

Hitlink, another topper.

My favored and Fast surfing: Hungry for Hits

A very Interesting one, different, effective: Traffic Ad Bar

Classic: Tezak Traffic Power

Great surfing: Hits4Surfers

An oldie: Traffic Syndicate 25


Fred Lotgering 
Email: lotconfred@gmail.com
URL: http://www.LotCon.biz

P.S. come back soon as I will add more information and actual results I experienced.

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