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How would you like a continuously growing viral advertising generator pumping YOUR ads and YOUR websites out to 1,000,000s of prospects, automatically?

A breakthrough technology that’s so powerful for generating viral advertising tool “Traffic Eruption” will launch November 26th. You can get a sneak peek HERE

This new online tool will generates viral traffic for you automatically, for as many websites as you want. The most amazing thing is that it is free, and also you don’t need to change much about what you already do.

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Just launched. TE Toolbox is FREE to join.

Three of the most recognized names in the Traffic Exchange industry have come together to re-launch
TE Toolbox today. They are Tim Linden, Jon Olson, and Paul Kinder.

The end result? An absolute must-have resource for online marketers that goes way beyond just the
realm of Traffic Exchanges and into the needs of every advertiser online…

TE Toolbox is the result of three top marketers teaming up, sharing their secrets, and
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With the free trackers and rotators you can discover….
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– Whether your favorite splash page is really your best for signups.
– How well your squeeze pages do compared to splash pages.
– Which banner brings you more exposure.
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12 Second Commute is owned and operated by ISORegister, Inc., a company that has been online and successful since 1999. They have helped tens of thousands of people earn a living online and 12SC is the new crown jewel of their business. Now they have taken all their lessons learned over the past 10+ years and created the 12SC System.

It now offers a limited opportunity of a lifetime for a lifetime! Yes, you can grab your 12SC lifetime Elite account Now, for a short period if time.

Regardless of the product or service you are selling, you must have tools, training and resources to succeed. 12SecondCommute will provide those tool, training and resources for you and you will never have to pay again for any of them.

12 Second Commute includes all the following tools and resources in one easy to use account: Professional autoresponder, Ad and link tracker, URL rotator, Capture page creator, Contact Manager, Downline builder, Training Center, Blog, Conference room and more.

The new system launches in November. Lifetime 12 Second Commute “Elite” accounts are now available. Grab yours HERE

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Product #1 – Mastering The Search Engines
Is it really possible to get targeted traffic for free? It is possible? Is it possible? Not only is it possible, it’s impossible to make money with out it!

Product #2 – Hubpages Blueprint
Average Joe Reveals The Stupid-Simple Hottest Web 2.0 Traffic Property That Brought In 10,658 FREE Visitors in 6 Days…Replicate It With Any Niche You Are In 100% Guaranteed!

Product #3 – Forum Traffic Secrets
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etc, etc,

These are the typical rights coming with each product (might differ slightly for each product):
[yes] Has Giveaway Rights
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[no] Has Private Label Rights
Additional Details
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[yes] Can be Included in Free Membership Sites
[yes] Can be Included in Paid Membership Sites
[yes] Can be Offered As a Bonus to a Paid Product
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[yes] Sales Letter Included
[no] Can Be Edited
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Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions

The gates will re-open for 48 hours this weekend, from Saturday May 30, 2009 at 9 am EST to Monday June 1, at 9 am EST.

Yhe Fantasos equivalent was delivered to me last week. My Delavo system is now working with all the features I had with Fantasos. I even got the free Delavo to compare (but you only need one system, a system centralizing all your business).
A basic system like Delavo will cost you hundred of dollars if you want to purchase a similar system. None offers the advanced features Delavo can offer.

As you may know already, DELAVO has been built on Fantasos’ machine. Fantasos’ price was $2997 when it was decided to stop the development and focus on DELAVO – for many reasons.

The revolution here is the way DELAVO has been structured. While based on the powerful Fantasos machine, it has been recoded in such a way so we’d add more power to it through the “Plugins” and thus not only allow DELAVO to do more things, but also allow it to co-operate with other platforms.

A Plugin is 1 file. You upload it and it adds more features to DELAVO. Simple. An analogy: If DELAVO was a gun, then Plugins would be the Silver bullets.

For example, the “MINISITES” plugin (included as a feature in Fantasos) allows you to create unlimited memberships “Butterfly-like” minisites, that can be controlled separately from all other Products/Packages inside your DELAVO system. In fact through a MiniSite you can sell 1 product or service and give access to the MiniSite’s members’ area. No need to upload any page, since the pages of the MiniSite can be edited inside DELAVO.

That Plugin for example, can then work with the OTOs Plugin, and thus display an OTO once the customer completes the order to access the minisite (aka. members’ area.) With the OTOs Plugin you can create unlimited records for unlimited OTOs and you can then add 1 or MORE OTOs after the order.

Of course, you have seen by now that you can create local or remote memberships with DELAVO, anyway, thus the OTOs Plugin can work with your Products/Pacakges too. However the main characteristic of the MiniSites plugin is that you focus on 1 product (membership) per MiniSite, and there is no need to upload any pages through FTP.

Those are just 2 of the Plugins that were included as built-in features in Fantasos 1.18, latest version. You may also have heard that Fantasos owners were able to sell hosted accounts to customers and control the privileges of each hosting account.

There are other Plugins that make DELAVO to work with third parties’ scripts too. For example, there are Plugins that allow DELAVO to co-operate with the phpBB forum, Invision Board, vBulletin board, and Simple Machines Forum.

ALL the Plugins that make DELAVO equal to the Fantasos 1.18 (latest version:) uotals: 23+ Plugins. But NOT ALL of you will NEED ALL the 23 Plugins.

For example if you just want to sell products, memberships, etc. by using only Paypal and Clickbank and offer an affiliate program, then the FREE DELAVO is just fine.

If you want to use more payment options though, you may need some of the following options:
Google Checkout

…thus, you should get the corresponding Plugins.

I’d like to be clear as crystal with you, John want to help you indeed. And that is why he delivered DELAVO free to you. But his profit, apart from having you as a reader, he expects that as you will become a successhul marketer he will make money on selling you Plugins.

So if youy haven’t got DELAVO for FREE yet, here is one more chance:

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions

Viral Marketing and Traffic Building goes hand in hand. If you are unsure what Viral marketing us then I can recommend the Viral Marketing Crash Course. Is it Free? Almost free as the current price is ridiculous low.

It all started when I purchased some PLR products I wanted to use as content for several if my sites. In there was this Viral Marketing Crash Course. I really appreciated this package when I looked deeper into it. Not so much on the seven short lessons I liked, but the quality and completeness of this PLR product is outstanding.

The sales page is great, nice design; you can use the format for many other products. Pretty clean html as well. See the Viral Marketing Crash Course PLR Sales Page!

I like the colors and the simple but multi-functional graphics. All setup to change it for another book or publication. It come with 8 PSD files so you can easily change the text, colors etc.

Except for claiming copyright you can do with this package whatever you want. Change it, give it away, expand it, add bonuses. All you want.

The Viral Marketing Crash Course contains everything that you need to start using and selling this package including:
– A copy of complete sales page
– 1 ready to go download page
– 7 customizable lessons
– 1 ready to go squeeze page
– 1 ready to go thank you page
– A complete graphic package
– the editable PSD graphics

So an impressive package at a very low price! I added another PLR, not as sophisticated, but great content, DOC file and PSD for cover. Two other surprise bonuses as well, just for the early birds!

Hurry and get Viral Marketing Crash Course PLR


Fred Lotgering

LotCon Biz Solutions

P.S. There is a better (PSD) order button in the package; I was lazy and used my own stored at Paypal.

P.S.S. I’m closing the sale as soon as I’m ready reworking this package to include more lessons and further related content to it. When that is ready this deal will no longer be available!

April is gone, we are in May and May starts of with several new giveaways.
Here are two just opened:

N-a-k-e-d Giveaway
… at The N-a-k-e-d Giveaway, no up sells, no one time offers.
Just gifts, gifts and more gifts. Rodger and Dave went through each gift by hand to make sure they are good enough! So, to get your great gifts, go there now!
Gifts like:
– IM Starter Kit
Blog Spider Pro
– Forex Trading Strategies
– The Great Graphics & Templates Package!
– Bribe Machine
– Internet Marketing Information Pack
– Audio Squeeze Page Templates

Mothersday Giveaway
Don’t expect a lot of presents to give to your mother (unless she has an internet business going…), but you will find a lot of gifts, well over 150!
Here some of the early top downloads:
– Membership Sites 101
– Submit Your Sites to Over 100
– The Motivational Collection
– Tools Of the Web Trade!
– HTML in Simple Terms
– Planning and Developing Your Website
– The 17 Method
– And so much more

A few more Giveaways just opened the doors. Here you see the whole GiveAway list!

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions
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Send Your Sales Through The Roof With Powerful, Stunning Templates That Mesmerize Your Customer, Ooze Professionalism, Enhance Your Credibility, And Boost Conversions By 150% Or More!

You generated TRAFFIC, you got your LIST, you are mailing OFFERS, and you don’t see the ORDERS coming in… Are You LOSING SALES Because Of Unprofessional Graphics?

A good first impression is CRITICAL to branding you and your product and making your customers trust you enough to give you their money. On the other hand, an amateurish or slipshod image can DESTROY rather than build your credibility.

If you’re paying a lot for your traffic and leads, you want to ensure that you’re landing pages and sales letters are getting the best conversion rates possible. That requires a designer who not only understands your target market, but one who has a proven track record, and can provide graphics that are unique and professional.

So let’s cut to the chase, and let me tell you what you’ll be getting when you click here:

1. You’ll receive the Main Salespage template (plain version) as well as a Main Salespage template with an opt-in box in the header, a Thank You page and a One Time Offer page – all ready for your content! Blue, Red, Gold, Green and Purple. versions are included!

2. You’ll also receive three different styles of Testimonial Boxes – your basic version, one with a video testimonial and one that includes audio and a photo!

3. You also receive two attractive, matching Squeeze Pages (or Landing Pages) – one with audio and one without. Both have opt-in boxes ready to insert your code.

4. This package simply wouldn’t be complete without Video Opt-in pages – one for those who use the 4:3 ratio (YouTube style video) and another for those who prefer thewidescreen version (640px x 360px). Of course, the opt-in boxes are ready for your autoresponder code! And again, there are blue, green, red, gold and purple video opt-in pages!

5. I realize that sometimes you just want to place a video on it’s own, or paste it into a web page, so I have provided these Video boxes as well, in 3 different sizes: the basic 425px 344px YouTube video size; a larger version of the 4:3 ratio at 640px x 480px; and finally the widescreen version of 640px x 360px.

6. You get two backgrounds – your “CashTemplate” version and your gradient version, each one created to match each of the 5 different colours.

You’ll receive 5 bullets and 5 checkmarks in all 5 colours, .PNG format (transparent) which may be resized to suit your needs… as well as your “Buy Now” button ready to use – and a blank version so you can add whatever text you like!

SEE SALESPAGE HERE! GET the LAST FEW for this blowout price! Be patient, takes time to load, lot of graphics on the sales page!

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions