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Darren Olander and Matt Koshko have been nicknamed the Traffic Masterminds. Several successful traffic and list building programs have been implemented by them. I love their Build My Downline program they launched about a year ago and is still building my downline!

Their latest program, List Surfing, combines the best parts of List Jumper (which we all learned to love), with the perfect synergy of solo e-mail marketing, surfing (viewing members sites), and banner/text advertising. The site moved in a few days to an Alexa ranking of under 20,000! This site is revolutionizing the traffic exchange industry!

As you surf (view other members websites) you are earning mailing credits to use towards sending mail to the membership. By surfing you are also staying active in order to receive unlimited traffic to your website(s)! You will also receive a few mails from the system that other members are sending out… and when you open those you will be rewarded text and banner impressions for displaying your ads throughout the List Surfer site.

They mixed and created a perfect synergy of solo e-mail advertising, surfing (viewing members sites), and banner and text advertising. You’ll soon see how this can help exponentially increase your results all while decreasing how much you have to surf. In fact, to stay active all it requires is to surf 50 sites and click 10 e-mail ads each month, that could take as little as 20 minutes and you will be active for a WHOLE MONTH! Your first month we’ll let you get active just by surfing 50 sites… and then as a free member you can show one of your sites that will get UNLIMITED rotation for a whole month or as long as you stay active!

It’s FREE to join so start earning traffic!

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions

During the last few month writing the “First Mover Advantage Alerts” I noticed that recently new programs are popping up promoting the same subject. During the month of October several new “List Building” programs launched. It seems that sweveral new advertising programs are launching in November. I already wonder what type of programs will launch in December? My guess on this moment that December might be a good month for nutrition and health products. We will see!

In previous post I already mentioned Ad Gate World.  I just update my October Alert Page with several programs launching in November promising all kind of advertising tools.

Even the “Big Secret Launch” turns out to be a monthly subsciption for: community, paid to surf, traffic exchange, paid to emails and tons of advertising packages.

Expect a summary in my next post.

Fred Lotgering,

LotCon Biz Solutions 





Traffic exchange is a popular concept on the Internet, referring to the exchange of  web traffic on the Internet. A traffic exchange is a clever way to get hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website. The concept is very simple and the exchange process is easy to put into action. First, you join a traffic exchange program that includes individuals with websites to promote. Next, you set up the website you want to promote. Finally, you visit the websites of the other members and they visit your website in exchange.

There are both free and paid traffic exchanges. Almost all traffic exchange programs are FREE, although many of them offer special features to paid members and offer credits for purchase. Some of the exchanges are good and some are not so good. They come in two basic flavors: manual surf and automatic surf. In the manual surf mode, you have to visit a website for a minimum period of time and then click on a button to visit the next website in the rotation. In the automatic surf mode, the websites are visited automatically for a specific period of time before the next website is displayed. The order of website visitation in both the manual and automatic mode is controlled by the traffic exchange webmaster.


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