How important for a business today to have massive traffic to the web business site for more sales and profit. It is crucial for modern businesses to understand the dynamics of online marketing through the available resources and platforms such as Facebook. Hence, it is not surprising that Facebook marketing is a preferred marketing option for many businesses today with millions of subscribers to be converted into potential leads and customers.

The boom of social media networks has fueled modern businesses’ creativity in marketing their brand and products. The millions of Facebook members make it very attractive for businesses to indulge in Facebook marketing as this vast consumer base provides the best of business prospects for the business to survive and succeed in the market.

Generating the Desired Leads

Massive leads can be generated through the proper steps in Facebook marketing. The first step towards a successful Facebook marketing with large leads every day is a proper profile page setup. Consumers are particular in knowing whom they are liaising with by checking out the profile page for information on the business owner or marketer.

Business owners or marketers can display a friendly, personal profile picture that allows consumers to identify and relate to a real face and person. Next, it is crucial to provide relevant and newsworthy information that is true to help consumers relate and build an authentic relationship with the business owner or marketer. A link to a personal blog could be inserted to direct web users to the blog site which contains more information about the business owner or marketer.

Another important note to generating high leads on Facebook is to avoid spamming consumers with updates. Consumers do not like to be spammed with links and constant sales pitches. Frequent updates could prove frustrating to consumers who would get turned off from the brand or offerings from the business.

A better Facebook marketing approach is to establish a genuine friendship with all interested Facebook users who visit the profile page or blog site. Provide relevant and useful information to these web visitors who may be seeking for certain solutions to their life or work problems. The right opportunity would arise for the business owner or marketer to introduce their business products or services to secure the sales.

Enlarging the Circle of Influence

Facebook marketing allows the business owner or marketer to be more visible in the market through an active participation in online chat groups. The Internet offers a plethora of special online groups which can discuss anything under the sun or cyberspace. New groups can be created by the business owner or marketer to attract targeted audiences and niche markets.

When more online groups or forums are participating in, the business owner or marketer gets more opportunities to identify their preferred consumers as business prospects. The chat groups allow the business owner or marketer to understand the needs and purchase preferences of consumers today. Greater marketing and promotion insights can be secured through such online groups for marketers to tweak their marketing campaign properly to be successful.

Targeting the right business prospects is crucial in expanding the customer database for any business using Facebook. More leads can be generated that produce more sales instead of randomly adding potential leads to the database.

Driving traffic via Facebook is a popular marketing approach today with the modern and advanced technologies available. The millions of Facebook users make it very attractive in selecting the right fans to be prospects. However, these prospects must be courted properly in building strong relationships where trust and confidence form the firm foundation for active participation in the business. Business owners and marketers who engage in Facebook marketing can enjoy over 50 leads a day with the right marketing features available in Facebook.

A Personal Encounter

Driving traffic to the web business site needs a personal encounter between the business owner or marketer and the potential lead. It is rare to have an unknown consumer who would take on a business quickly with one visit to the web business site. There have been too many scams on the Internet that have put up the guard by consumers. Hence, a different marketing approach is required to attract the attention and interest of potential customers. This calls for a personal relationship that takes time and effort to build up.

Business owners and marketers must exhibit a high degree of integrity, friendliness and authenticity in establishing a genuine friendship without any strong push to sell their wares. Consumers would expect marketers to be polite and considerate with relevant and useful information to share without selling.

It would be easier to introduce business offerings to a friend who trust the recommendation than an unknown marketer who is only keen to secure commissions. Facebook users have formed a strong and unified community where friendships and relationships take precedence over sales.

There are many groups of like-minded Facebook users who would open up to the business updates and recommendations if the business owner or marketer is found to be trustworthy from the start of the relationship established. This opens up the avenue to share similar passions and issues that would allow recommendations of the business brand and offerings.

As more friends are made via Facebook, the business owner or marketer would have more potential leads to recommend the business brand and goods. However, time and effort would be key investment factors before the desired results could be achieved.

Although sales and marketing are important aspects to a business growth, business owners and marketers need to indulge in sourcing and building relationships with Facebook users every day as more consumers join Facebook. There is no lack of potential leads for the business if consistent effort is made to widen market presence on this vibrant social media platform.


When good relations are established between the business owners or marketers and Facebook users, it is possible for many more leads to be generated on a daily basis if the right marketing features offered by Facebook are manipulated properly.

What is traffic?
The Internet as an ocean of traffic. Each of those water drops in the ocean may represent a person who is online. A person who could give you traffic. But the, are the persons online the type of person who is going to buy your products and services? Obviously not! So, you need traffic otherwise nobody is buying from you, And when you get traffic they shoiuld have interest. It has to be quality, targeted traffic that stands a good chance of creating a sales conversion for you.

Target Traffic Relative To Your Interest (Niche).
You’re getting traffic from a search engine or from some other site, but your backlinks should be showing the areas where the niche is similar to your market segment. You don’t want to be selling internet services and posting backlinks on jewelry sites or adding keywords for jewelry. That would only bring in traffic that isn’t interested in buying your products in the first place. In order to get your high quality traffic, traffic that wants to order from you, so your efforts must be placed in the right demographic.

What backlinks can do for you.
Let’s discuss the mechanism of the backlink in more detail. This is going to be a string of text that will be used to bring people from one area of the WWW back to your website. For that reason, you want to be sure that you build these backlinks in the best way possible.

A backlink is a piece of HTML that is embedded in other text in another website and it is generally highlighted via a different text color and underlining. It uses an anchor text format that in its simplest form is like this:
..Your anchor text..

What appears to a person reading your backlink is the text that is written in the “Myanchortext” area. It must create an interest to click on. This is not only important to get those interested in your product or services, but the text should also be search-engine friendly. This way, you double your chances of getting traffic, not just from visitors who are visiting that page, but also from search engines that are analyzing the anchor text of yourlink for content.

When you insert a backlink into a high traffic area, you want to get a good idea of how it is functioning. How well did your copy attract people to click through to your site? Even in email marketing, you want to know not just how many people have opened your emails, but also how many have clicked back to your site when they read the copy. There are various tools you can use to gauge the traffic levels coming back to your website. You can do this by using a URL shortener, or you can buy a service like for email marketing that offers an analytic program to track link click-through rates.

Increase Your Online Presence
Another strategy that you can use in relation to pulling people from different areas is to carefully magnetize your online presence to make it attractive and appealing to your target demographic. This is important to use in conjunction with practices that pull people from other sites, like Facebook and Twitter. After all, on social networking sites, the product is you until they get to find out more about your business. Until then, you’re selling who you are until some level of trust is reached and people are willing to visit your sites due to your online presence on social networking sites.

Maybe time to signup before it moves it to the new site! Get your link into place.

To stay connected, we recommend moving your content and posts to your new profile on Yahoo!. After July the 12th, you will not have access to anything on 360°.

Blog Posts: You can move your blog posts to your new profile in just one click! See your options.

A video explaining the sign up process is below:

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Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions

My Music Ticket (MMT) launched April 25 for FREE members. Almost 10,000 members joined since.

HERE are some answers to some Frequently asked Questions:

It is the Social Networking site of My Music Ticket.It is NOT the Business Opportunity. However you must join the free site in order to be eligible to join the business opportunity called My Music Ticket Plus.

My Music Ticket Plus will launch maybe sometime week. That date is not certain. To get ready for that launch, please go to the main site of MyMusicTicket or check team site

No, you are not. You are under no one. You are nowhere. You are just a member of the social networking site called My Music Ticket. Until you get a link to sign-up you belong to no one but yourself.

You will not be able to upgrade through the My Music ticket site. The Business Site will be called My Music Ticket Plus. You will need to wait until you receive your link to sign up. Likely you will get an invitation code.

The cost will be 59.99 per month initially. The $19.99 per month option will come later. This needs still confirmation.

You can pay by Visa and Mastercard and a debitcard that is tied to your bank. At this time those are the only available payment methods.

We will send it to you as soon as we have it.

Yes, if you wait for our link you will be in our matrix.

Everybody’s guess. Much is going to depend on your efforts and how much time and energy you are willing to devote to the site. You will get paid a 30.00 fast start bonus for everyone who signs up under you directly. You will receive monthly residuals of 10.00 for each of your personal upgrades. You will be entered into the revenue share portion of the program. You will need to wait until the site launches to see just how that will work. My hunch is that the owners are still working on that part because we can’t get a straight answer yet from anyone on precisely how that will work.

That is a question only you can answer. We support team work and we will help you the best we can. We have huge lists that grow all the time and we know how to drive traffic to a site.That will help to build the matrix. We have some of the strongest marketers on the net above us (and under us) and will be helping to fill your matrix.

When you get into the My Music Ticket Site, you will see a blank screen for your picture or graphic that you want to put up on MMT. You picture or graphic needs to be something that is already on your computer somewhere and ends in jpg or gif. You go to “change Avatar ” in the MMT members area and you go to “browse”. Find the picture or graphic on your computer and then hit upload. That’s it.

There is a search function in the members area. You can search for me under Fred Lotgering or under username: lotcon , then add me as a friend and leave me a message.

In a few days, a referral feature will be added to the MMT site and from that point on out, you can introduce the Free MMT membership to as many people as you wish. Keep in mind that all Free Members that you introduce to MMT will than be permanently connected with you and whenever any one of those Free Members elect to upgrade to a Paid Membership, they will become your personally referred member in the Paid Member portion of MMT.

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step to becoming a Paid Member of MyMusicTicket. Your next step is to wait until the opening of Phase 2 – The Paid Member portion of MMT. At that point, you will receive a link from us from which you will enroll into the Paid Member portion of MMT.

We will keep you updated by e-mail if you refistered at ourt team site: and I also recommend that you call into the 24-hour MMT Update Line each day until Phase 2 opens:
Call: (616) 712-2848 and listen to Option 5 for the latest news and on Option 4, you can listen to a recording of the most recent Live conference Call.

Attend the live conference calls as well – see the list of the upcoming calls below.
The Next Live MMT Conference Calls: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 PM Eastern Time:
Conference Line 1: (712) 432-1000 – Access Code: 517104220
Conference Line 2: (712) 432-1001 – Access Code: 474917942

Hope this helps with any of your concerns,

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions

My MMT Music Ticket Business Analysis

A. Concept:
MMT, My Music Ticket is a Social Networking Portal Site.

B. Business Model.
MMT combine the best of the best from these 4 key business model concepts :
1. Social Networking : MySpace, Facebook
2. Niche Social Media :Flickr,YouTube
3. Niche Internet Retail Site:Amazon.Com
4. Multi-Level Marketing :All the latest and best compensation plans

Let’s analyse the above key concepts and how MMT My Music Ticket has ingeniously integrated all of them into 1 coherent powerful concept :

1. Social Networking : MySpace, Facebook
MySpace makes close to 1 billion a year but do not share any of the main income: generating of advertisement revenue with its 238 million users. Founded in 2002, it is the first highly successful social networking site.

Facebook, with the same business model as MySpace, started in 2004,now has 175 million active users. Facebook is valued at USD$15 billions. In the same way as MySpace, Facebook keep all advertising revenue.

MMT My Music Ticket is riding on the mega trend of social networking, using it to enter the market like MySpace, Facebook.

After MySpace, Facebook, there are many social networking sites emerging that copy this model.

Some like Yuwie, Zenzuu, ViralNetworks added the sharing of revenue concept into the social networking model. But all of them do not incorporate the best of the best in MLM compensation plan, they add in some sharing of revenue through your intensity of activities.

MMT My Music Ticket is different, they work on the above MySpace, Facebook model but add in the best of the best in MLM compensation plan.

2. Niche Social Media: Flickr, YouTube.
With the right niche focus and be the first in that niche, this can be highly successful model. Flickr, a photo sharing site, and YouTube, a video sharing site are 2 highly successful models. They satisfied the niches that no one before it has created.

The struggle that the new generic social networking sites like Yuwie, Zenzuu and Viral Networks that copied MySpace, Facebook model faced is that they are creating a Me Too kind of new social networking sites, although they add in something new, sharing of revenue, but with limited scope.

MMT My Music Ticket address that ingeniously by starting a new social networking site with a very niche focus approach : Music.

So like Flickr, YouTube, music is the starting thrust of MMT My Music Ticket. MMT would prepare itself to be the best of the best in music.

But unlike Flickr, YouTube, which are not top rate social networking site, MMT is a music focused niche social networking site.

And Flickr and YouTube do not have the MLM compensation plan like MMT.

3. Niche Internet Retail Site: Amazon.Com
A larger part of MMT, when it finally reaches the size of 100 million users,will be a full fledge internet retail store like, selling music, DVD, books,jewelleries, branded clothing, almost all kinds of products and services you can find in the net.

MMT will have 40 web pages to organize the retailing.

Unlike which is only a retail store, MMT is a full portal social networking site that have like type of retailing. And MMT has a MLM plan in it too.

Like on books, MMT is the wizard in Music, plus all others.

4. Multi-Level Marketing:
All the latest and best compensation plans. The mega global trend of using MLM as a business model to spearhead the fastest growth of a company has been aggressively adopted by many upstarts and conventional companies.

MMT has incorporated the best of the best in MLM Compensation Plan.

Do the other models we talked about earlier has this element ? MySpace, Facebook, Yuwie, Zenzuu,Viral
Networks, Flickr, YouTube, ? All no !!

The 3 levels of membership is genius:
1. Free!
To build massive user base, so advertisers will come.These are the everyday users, who use the system as a social network and nothing else. But not so interesting to networkers

2. Premium $19.99 /month!
Prelude to Premium Pro. Share activities revenue. Own 40 pages site that sell everything. Income is earned from pageviews in the complete 3×10 matrix. You also get 40 different pages to promote your own other businesses on.

3. Premium Pro : $59.99/month!
Own 40 pages site that sell everything. Share in the company wide profit pools.

C. The Business Growth Strategy

The business will kick off by attracting networking leaders with its MMT+MLM concept with its first group of 10,000 Premium Pro members. This group would spearhead the speedy spread of MMT.

Because of its first niche focus on music, massappeal will kick in with massive free members joining in, especially the younger generation who tend to be more internet savvy. Millions of members are building up.

With the million numbers,advertisers would come in,contributing serious advertising revenue for MMT, and thus the paid members are getting good residual income.

With million of users, the 40 web pages MMT site would be geared up for the next gigantic portal phase. MMT would be lining up retail stores in all its 40 pages.

All products and services would be available in MMT.MMT would really become the gigantic social networking portal.

With its comprehensive portal, MMT would become the prefer internet users starting browser and interface. Universality and All Encompassing become MMT key tag line.

Thus, MMT would eventually outpace MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and even can challenge Google as the preferred portal site one would use very frequently to do your everyday surfing.

MMT would be one of top 10 sites with 180 million users within 18 months.

1 million millionaires would be created eventually for the network marketers who join in the early beginning.

Would you be the first to grab the first 10,000 slots as the premium pro members with $59.99 monthly payment ?

Would you want to be the first 1 million millionaires in MMT ?

MMT entry levels.

As already mentioned, there are three different levels of membership at MMT:

Free member: These are the everyday users, who use the system as a social network and nothing else.

Paid member: $19.99/Month. Income is earned from pageviews in the complete 3×10 matrix. You also get 40 different pages to promote your own other businesses on. When the matrix is filled, there is a possible monthly income on the matrix alone of $118.000

Pro-member: $59.99/Month. This is the most interesting membership for everybody who wants to make a living with this. You get paid on the matrix on the same way as a Paid Member. In addition to that, you can qualify to a share of the company-wide revenue.

This means, that if you qualify in one of the below mentioned pools, you get an equal share of the pool with all the other qualified members. At the moment, it is planned that the monthly share in each pool will be $1Million.

Qualification is done according to the below criterias:

Entry qualification: 6 personally sponsored Pro-members and 20 Pro-members in the matrix.
Silver-pool: 30 personally sponsored Pro-members
Gold-pool: 50 personally sponsored Pro-members
Platinum-pool: 100 personally sponsored Pro-members

As a Pro-member, you receive a Fast-Start bonus of $30 for each new personally sponsored

Pro-member. In addition to that, you also get a monthly payment of $10 for each personally sponsored Pro-member.

So with only 2 personally sponsored Pro-members your membership is free.

One of the very interesting things you get as a Pro-member as well is your very own MMT-shop on the site, where items such as clothes and a lot of other retail goods is sold.

Every time a customer buys in your shop you earn a commission on the sale.

There is also a MMT-music shop on your site as a Pro-member, and each time a customer buys and downloads a cd you earn a commission.

There is really no argument to NOT sign up as a Pro-member.

At launch, the first 10.000 Pro-members don’t have to do the entry qualification

– they are automatically qualified as Pro-membersand will get the shop and all the other neat features even without having a single person in the matrix yet.

As a Pro-member you earn 4$ each time a customer takes the Free Trial through your link.

And you even make a buck each time a customer takes a Free Trial through one of your personally sponsored members 5 levels deep.

There is really a lot of different income streams here to boost the business from day-one.

The big question now is: What level are you going to join on?

I know exactly what level I will join on, and I will definitely be ready at launch to try to secure one of the 10.000 first Pro-memberships.

Furthermore, you will earn a 20% matching bonus on all of your personally sponsored members 5 level deep.

So if they make $1000, you make $200. And 5 levels deep is potentially 363 personally sponsored members. Do the math on that one!

Oh, and by the way, if you qualify for the Platinum pool, your are automatically qualified in both the Silver and Gold pools, so you will earn on all 3 pools at one time.

This just keeps getting better and better.

See you at the top – the very top. Join a strong team, get notified:

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Buz Solutions

(official) launch of My Music Ticket (MMT_ is now scheduled for Monday, April 13 (USA) at 9:00 AM Eastern Time as was announced last evening on the call.

The call also revealed the Payment methods accepted for your (MMT) membership fees. These are the following: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Alert Pay,Liberty Reserve, and even Paypal was mentioned but that need still to be confirmed.

What to do in the meantime? Start inviting friends and start building your followers using all popular social networks like: MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn, and many more!

This blog listed several with video instructions on how to join some. Just click the category Social Traffic Sites and you find a lot of information. You should also subscribe on our MMT first mover alerts to get the latest news. You can Subscribe HERE.

We will also distribute some ebooks on social network marketing what will benefit your efforts building your My Music Ticket Team. MMT can become a major player under the many Social Networks.

Here is another one you should consider: SqipCom . We will post more details soon. But grab 100 free PEP shares & OWN a stake in SqipCom …

Next post we will give you more information.

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions

Wonder ever when Twitter started and you missed the early bird opportunity? And are your trying to catch up now? Buying small little tools to grow followers? Buying all the guides on “How To Succeed in Twitter”. You cannot deny the power of social networks and social marketing.

So don’t be late on this one. Get ready to introduce others to this My Music Ticket (MMT), the new, sophisticated MySpace and Facebook Concept and receive a very generous monthly income and revenue sharing from advertising plus a fantastic residual income too. Maybe a lot of hype? Did that crossed your mind when you got introduced to Twitter? Time will learn…

Yuwie, where it pays to socialize, was one of the first social networks paying for viewing members profile pages. They are currently just shy of one million members! MyMusicTicket (MMT) not only pay similar (to free members) but add different levels of membership allowing to make more money from paying members and additional advertising revenue. So concept is definitely interesting. Details are still scarce, just some team building is happening. There is a target getting 10,000 initial member ready at time of launch. If you can believe in this concept you should consider being one of the first. Look how Twitter exploded recently! Those who believed in the concept early have now tens of thousands of followers under them. Do you understand the money potential those early birds have?

Not sure where this is going, but if you like to be updated on this opportunity and the power of building traffic through Social Networks then SUBSCRIBE HERE for latest developments.

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Silutions Worldwide

Quite some activity during the last few days. Twitter is getting hotter and hotter and more and more resources are getting available. Check below the Twitter Effect Training Course. There are many new GiveAways starting this month. So get prepared and check some of the low cost, but excellent resources listed below.

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GiveAway Updates Website
Get all the latest information on active GiveAways. For JV partners or Free Members. Our website is updated almost daily!

Excel in MLM Website
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43 Things is the world’s most popular online goal setting community. It’s free and fun.

How does it work?
1. List your goals
Discover and list your goals. What do you want to do with your life? We’ll help you figure it out.
2. Cheer
Cheer people on the site who inspire you. They may cheer you back!
3.Record your progress
Track your progress by writing entries. Ask questions and talk with people who share similar goals.

Most accomplishments on people’s lists are more personal On the website, where 1.2 million people have posted their personal lists in the past three years, according to The New York Times. The top goal is losing weight.

Today there are 1,944,256 people in 15,160 cities doing 1,540,850 things.

You need to add me to those figures:

This is a different Social Network but for that reason interesting. Watch the video: