Turbo Seminar – Las Vegas

Your Chance To Strut Up To The Table With The Hottest Players In Internet Marketing Is This February At The Turbo High Stakes Internet Marketing Seminar In… $$$ Las Vegas! $$$ February 26-28, 2010

Who will be there joining John Delavera and Turbo Seminar?
– The Godfather of Internet Marketing: Mark Joyner]
– Uber-Legend: Joe Sugarman
– Top Notch Coacher: Ken McArthur
– International Power Patric Chan
– Media Strategist Warren Whitlock
– Philosopher and Creative Innovator: Lee Collins
– Energetic Powerhouse: Susan Preston
– Profit Master: Glenn Deitzel
– Master AdWords Optimizer: Simon Leung

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There’s no doubt that somewhere along the way that we’ve heard someone say, “The money is in the list.” Am I right? And today might be the day when you have finally come to realize that you need an opt-in list. So you started your pursuit by reading articles, did a little online searching, and maybe you have even been reading posts on your favorite forum. But maybe you’re not brand new to list building, maybe you started 6 months ago, 12 months ago mayb even a few years ago and you are paying monthly for that online account, but you’re just not satisfied with the results that you’re getting from your opt-in list.


Today’s’ audio will address both of these. You can accept this fact as truth: people have made small fortunes with their opt-in lists. And finally today you are in a place, in your heart and mind, where you’re ready to dedicate some of your time, money and resources to growing your own opt-in list.

It might be said that your list is the most important marketing tool, and whether that’s true or not – if you don’t have one you are not achieving anywhere near your income potential. Let me reveal something to you. It’s been many years since I’ve been marketing online, over a decade in fact. But it took me over 9 of those years to come to the point that I hope you are at today. And by the 10th year I figured out what I was doing wrong.

About a month ago, I was speaking with another online marketer. And like me he had been marketing online for quite a few years. What really surprised me was that he revealed he had been marketing online for 7 years without his own opt-in list. Wow! Now I suppose that I drew some comfort in the fact that I wasn’t the only one in the crowd making the same mistake. But I was really encouraged when he cracked the whip. He was able to build up a list to over 7,000 subscribers in less than a year.

Now, while a large list of subscribers is important, the quality of that list is even more important. Your emails need to be opened, read and hopefully links are clicked on. The best way to achieve this result is to begin with that end goal in mind. You want your customers to trust you and your products, so begin by writing articles in your area of expertise. Post them not only in forums, but article directory sites. This is the beginning phase of building credibility, your online identity and your brand.

Always link back to your site, so the readers are able to see what your online business is all about, and what products you are offering. Even if you’re promoting other’s products, it’s truly hard for someone to trust and believe your recommendation if they haven’t first developed a relationship with you – that’s your goal and purpose.

The next thing is to keep a common theme in the material that you send to your list. For example, if you are building a list of pet owners there’s likely no point in mailing out an offer for a new weight loss product. Since it will just confuse your readers. Keep you e-courses, product offers and other material to a common thread or theme. Again, you are building rapport and credibility with your subscribers.
Third is to keep in touch with those on your list. In the past I built lists, and many months would go by between mailings. So, when I finally did launch a new product and sent a mailing to my list, it was ineffective. Why? They didn’t remember who I was. Now how often you should mail your list will vary. Personally, I think that daily is just a bit too frequent, But I also subscribe to lists that sender mails his subscribers, typically, twice daily.

The final point today is to make sure that when you build this list, you are using a reliable online service. The small monthly fee is very worthwhile, and you will be able to make that back in profits many times over

In conclusion, it is never too late to start focusing some of your resources on building your opt-in list. So why not start today?

There are thousands of Social Networks. To generate traffic to your site use those social networks that are busy. You want to go where other active people are going to get the most effect from your efforts.

Do everything you can on your page to make it stand out and be memorable. You want to optimize it to the max so you will get the most benefit.

Have your photo on there. It has been shown that pages with photos get more traffic and interest than those without photos. Customize your page to fit you. Add in backgrounds and other stuff to show off your personality.

Make sure that anything you put on your page represents you. Make sure it is professional and will not tarnish your image in any way. Use the video and audio features most of these sites give you. Add your own video and audio on unique subjects that represents you.

Make it clear why you are on the site. You need to make sure people know you are there for business and not for finding a personal relationship.

Make sure you know and follow all the rules. These sites can be strict and if you break the rules you can get banned. Visit your page often. Everyday would be ideal so that you can keep everything up to date and it shows up that you are visiting the site and so people will know you are an active member.

Take advantage of groups by joining groups. It is a great way to reach your target market. It is also a great way to build up your friends list.

And of course….Do not forget to put up your links.

If you have your very own E-product (purchase some good PLR products and re-work them), you can easily submit your product to a high-traffic membership site that provides quality content. The concept is also similar to blog and article contributors except that it takes it up a notch to E-book creation.

The nature of these content membership sites requires new content to be added in from time to time.

What better way to get your own product in front of the eyes of thousands of resellers and Internet marketers who can’t wait to sell YOUR product for their own profits (assuming that your product has resell rights to it of course). All members are your resellers!

If your E-product has master resell rights you can be sure that your products will spread all over the Internet in no time.

Resellers are always looking for solid, interesting products with a complete sales letter with all the graphics included to it. If you have drafted out a good sales letter that converts well, you can be sure that a lot of resellers will just ‘cut-and-paste’ your sales letter and your E-book and sell it to their mailing list.

The most important thing for you to remember is this – your books must constantly lead the readers to your websites. And remember, this might happen year after year!

Your links must be placed strategically in the E-books and as your E-books are duplicated all over the Internet, you can be sure to drive plenty of new visitors to your website – even if they are not in your circle of influence! Make sure that the WebPages you drive the visitors to are well designed to get an high conversion rate. Make sure that you maintain and update these pages, visitors might come and visit years after you first distributed your E-book!

If you need more information on buying and reworking PLR products here are a few recommended resources:

New PLR From PLR Spectacular!
How to become a PLR Pro!
PLR for Newbies Video Collection
Using PLR Video Bundle

Traffic exchanges

Here, you need to visit other people’s website, who will reciprocate by visiting yours. It’s not a one-to-one relationship. On an average, you need to visit about 2 websites to get one visit to yours. 

Free classifieds

Nowadays, free classified ads have lost their significance. Due to being free, many people opt for this medium for placing ads, which results in ads getting unnoticed. But trying your luck is not a bad idea. Since it’s free, placing a classified ad is good. Who knows, you might get a visitor! 

Press releases

Your website will be overloaded with visitors when the website is printed in a press release. But your press release must be written properly, and not just like an on-the-face advertisement. This works! 

Resource box

A resource box involves you putting a link for people to click on. But ensure that the site you wish the readers to visit is in relation to the article of yours. A resource box can get good traffic to your site, and it should not be considered an unimportant option.

Title tag

A blog must have an attractive title in order to get a good ranking in the search engines. The title plays a vital role, but the actual post must be well-written and informative as well. That will get your site good traffic. 

Submission to directories

Though the submission of your blog to the various online directories is a monotonous job, it is very important since it goes a long way in increasing the blog popularity. Every directory that you submit the link to, results in better rankings. 

Link Exchange partnership

You can put your website’s link on another good website, and allow the webmaster of that website to place a link in yours. By this, both the parties gain. 


You can place a “Tell-a-friend” script on the website, which would help you get more traffic as visitors might recommend your website to other people. 

Paid reviews

There are many freelancers out there, so you can surely pay someone to review your blog. This is a great way of exposure for those who are new to blogging. 


You can turn the one-time visitors to regular visitors to your website by recycling of traffic. You can direct them to many sites at a single instant. 

Error page

You can design a 404-error page for your site. A link can be placed in that website, which directs the visitor to the main website. 


If you’ve liked a product that you’ve used, you can leave behind a testimonial and put a link to your website at the end. This will get adequate traffic to your site. 


You can offer the visitors free gifts. For instance, a free e-Book would do the trick to get greater number of subscribers.

Customer support

If you offer your customers good support, they will refer you to others and this will increase your popularity manifold. 


You can comment on blogs, and put a link to your website at the bottom. This can build traffic very well.


You can make a good screensaver for your company, and make it attractive. The company logo can be placed in the screensaver for branding purposes. 


If you have any profile on the internet, put necessary keywords and give back a link to your website. 


Selling any item as a charity auction on eBay will result in the charities linking back to your eBay auction, and also to the main website. 

Let’s discuss how joint venture giveaways will help you generate traffic to your site. In fact, they do more than generate traffic. Joint venture giveaways will also help you build a large opt-in list, in a very short period of time, and you can bring those visitors back to your site time and time again.

Joining a joint venture giveaway is easy and free. You just need to find a giveaway, and these can be found through “Give Away” related forums, or through a search on Google. Once you’ve found a giveaway, you need a free gift to give away.

This can be something that you create yourself, or have created for you, such as a free report, an audio, a video, or an ebook – or even a piece of software. It can also be a Private Label Rights product that you have. The important thing is that your gift has value to the people that will be downloading it.

Next you need an autoresponder and a website. Set up an opt-in page, which is often called a squeeze page or a capture page, stored on your site. Connect it to your autoresponder, and in your autoresponder, set up a campaign for the giveaway. Create a confirmation email and download e-mail for the gift in your autoresponder.  You can use the same gift foe a period of time in several JV Giveaways, so after a one tome preparation there is not much to it to join in several Giveaways

Determine where the visitor will go, once they hit the submit button on your opt-in page. They can go to the first page of your site. They could be sent to a sales page for an affiliate product that you sell. You could also set up a One Time Offer (OTO), where they have one chance to purchase a product from you, at a special price.

Finally, when you are all set up on your end; submit your information to the host of the joint venture giveaway event. They will typically want the name of your gift, the URL of your opt-in page, a description of that gift, and the link to the graphic that represents your gift, such as a graphical ebook cover or CD cover.

While you will build a nice big list with the joint venture giveaway, remember that your purpose is to generate traffic as well. You don’t want people showing up, getting their gift, and leaving – never to be seen or heard from again. Your list resolves a lot of this, because you can use it to bring them back.

But at the same time, when your visitor is redirected after submitting the form, try to have them redirected to a page on your site that will immediately capture their attention, and keep them there for a while, even after they have been given their free gift.

If you like to get started join http://excel-mlm.com/santa   If you need some products to start with go to: http://www.lotcon.biz/products/FourPLR/

Joining  GV Giveaways is a fast and low cost method to build your list and generate some quality traffic to your website.


Fred Lotgering

LotCon Biz Solutions

There is a difference between purchasing real targeted traffic and services to just increase website traffic.

To purchase real, targeted traffic you can use Pay-Per-Click advertising, through a service such as Google AdWords. When you purchase traffic using this method, the traffic is targeted – and real. You don’t pay for a certain number of traffic, you pay for each click, as the name, pay-per-click, indicates.

Now, if you don’t know what you are doing, Pay-Per-Click can be expensive, and ineffective. It is important that you make sure that you write a targeted ad, first and foremost. It is also essential that you select the right keywords, and that you bid the right amount on those keywords. We will cover this subject in more detail in one of our future training modules.

Google AdWords really makes this very easy. You can type in your main keyword, and they will give you a list of other related keywords that apply as well. Next, when you set the amount you are willing to pay, per click, for each keyword, you can use the traffic analysis tools in Google AdWords to see where your ad will be listed, based on what you are paying per click, and how much traffic you can expect from it. Raise your bid price until you see that you will be listed where you want to be (preferably the first page of search results).

PPC can be very expensive. Make sure that you know how much you can afford to spend on these ads each week, divide it by seven, and set a daily budget up in your AdWords account. Also specify how you want those funds spread out through the day.

You can also use a service that guarantees you traffic (not so reliable and not so targeted). Some of those websites promise to deliver you thousands of hits in a twenty four hour period. It might help some ranking over time, but will do little to increasing you business. Before you decide on just traffic services, take a close look at those services. How they are generating the traffic? Is it real traffic? Is it human or computer generated traffic?

But never waste your traffic! Make sure that you are capturing first names and email addresses from the people that arrive at your website through PPC advertising ir any other traffic generation!

Several option to increase traffic or build you customer list can be found at Excel in MLM

In this module we are going to introduce you to something that is still relatively new in the Internet Marketing arena: Social Bookmarking. The number of Social Bookmarking sites are exploding!

Social Bookmarking is essentially using a social bookmarking service to bookmark your webpages or blog posts, so that other users of the bookmarking site can visit. When you bookmark a site, you tag it with keywords, and people can search for the keywords that reflect their interests at the social bookmarking site.

Does it work? Absolutely! In fact, this is a very fast way to generate really good traffic to your site – for free. Again, you will want to try to get them on your opt-in list, once they arrive at your site, so that you can bring them back again and again. Notice that I said ‘really good traffic.’ This is good traffic because the visitor finds your site by searching for the keywords that you’ve used when you bookmarked it. They are essentially looking for you. For this reason, it is important to use keyword tags, for each page, that are absolutely relevant to the content on that page. Don’t try to use unrelated keywords, this tactic simply won’t work.

There are numerous social bookmarking sites out there, and hitting them all, to bookmark each page of your website, could literally take days, if not weeks. Fortunately, there are social bookmarking services that will send your bookmarks and tags to numerous social bookmarking sites.

You’ve probably heard about Article Marketing. In fact, you may even be sick of hearing about it. But are you doing it? The reason that you hear so much about it because this marketing technique works!

Yes, Article Marketing builds Traffic slowly. There are faster ways to get traffic. But, when you build traffic using this method, you are also building your credibility. You are drawing responsive people to your site, and if your site is doing its job as well, and you get those people on your list, you can draw them back time and time again.

If you are not collecting email addresses at your website, the traffic that you bring to your website  is essentially wasted. By building an opt-in list, you can bring traffic back to your site over and over again, and this is essential to online businesses. Email addresses and first names should be collected with an opt-in page, or with subscribe boxes located on every single page of your website (but certainly on your home page)!

Now, let’s start generating some traffic with articles. The concept is that you write an article, which should be anywhere from 350 to 750 words in length. You include an author’s resource box at the bottom of your article, and your website link is included in that resource box. You submit the article to article directories and ezine publishers.

If you can’t write, you can get article written for less than $10 each by a ghostwriter. If you don’t have the time it takes to submit articles, you can hire a service to do that for you as well. It is essential that you do article marketing, because it is viral. Your articles will be used on other people’s websites, blogs, and in their ezines – spreading the word about your site. So start writing, we will get you in one of our next modules a list of sites you can use to submit your articles.

Again, this is slow, but it is an effective (and almost free or  very low cost) method to generate traffic. But no matter how slow it is, it is essential to your overall online business because of the virility of this technique, and the credibility that it gives you.

Write and submit at least one article, each week.

 Fred Lotgering

LotCon Biz Solutions