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Yhe Fantasos equivalent was delivered to me last week. My Delavo system is now working with all the features I had with Fantasos. I even got the free Delavo to compare (but you only need one system, a system centralizing all your business).
A basic system like Delavo will cost you hundred of dollars if you want to purchase a similar system. None offers the advanced features Delavo can offer.

As you may know already, DELAVO has been built on Fantasos’ machine. Fantasos’ price was $2997 when it was decided to stop the development and focus on DELAVO – for many reasons.

The revolution here is the way DELAVO has been structured. While based on the powerful Fantasos machine, it has been recoded in such a way so we’d add more power to it through the “Plugins” and thus not only allow DELAVO to do more things, but also allow it to co-operate with other platforms.

A Plugin is 1 file. You upload it and it adds more features to DELAVO. Simple. An analogy: If DELAVO was a gun, then Plugins would be the Silver bullets.

For example, the “MINISITES” plugin (included as a feature in Fantasos) allows you to create unlimited memberships “Butterfly-like” minisites, that can be controlled separately from all other Products/Packages inside your DELAVO system. In fact through a MiniSite you can sell 1 product or service and give access to the MiniSite’s members’ area. No need to upload any page, since the pages of the MiniSite can be edited inside DELAVO.

That Plugin for example, can then work with the OTOs Plugin, and thus display an OTO once the customer completes the order to access the minisite (aka. members’ area.) With the OTOs Plugin you can create unlimited records for unlimited OTOs and you can then add 1 or MORE OTOs after the order.

Of course, you have seen by now that you can create local or remote memberships with DELAVO, anyway, thus the OTOs Plugin can work with your Products/Pacakges too. However the main characteristic of the MiniSites plugin is that you focus on 1 product (membership) per MiniSite, and there is no need to upload any pages through FTP.

Those are just 2 of the Plugins that were included as built-in features in Fantasos 1.18, latest version. You may also have heard that Fantasos owners were able to sell hosted accounts to customers and control the privileges of each hosting account.

There are other Plugins that make DELAVO to work with third parties’ scripts too. For example, there are Plugins that allow DELAVO to co-operate with the phpBB forum, Invision Board, vBulletin board, and Simple Machines Forum.

ALL the Plugins that make DELAVO equal to the Fantasos 1.18 (latest version:) uotals: 23+ Plugins. But NOT ALL of you will NEED ALL the 23 Plugins.

For example if you just want to sell products, memberships, etc. by using only Paypal and Clickbank and offer an affiliate program, then the FREE DELAVO is just fine.

If you want to use more payment options though, you may need some of the following options:
Google Checkout

…thus, you should get the corresponding Plugins.

I’d like to be clear as crystal with you, John want to help you indeed. And that is why he delivered DELAVO free to you. But his profit, apart from having you as a reader, he expects that as you will become a successhul marketer he will make money on selling you Plugins.

So if youy haven’t got DELAVO for FREE yet, here is one more chance:

Fred Lotgering
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Fred Lotgering
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Wonder ever when Twitter started and you missed the early bird opportunity? And are your trying to catch up now? Buying small little tools to grow followers? Buying all the guides on “How To Succeed in Twitter”. You cannot deny the power of social networks and social marketing.

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Yuwie, where it pays to socialize, was one of the first social networks paying for viewing members profile pages. They are currently just shy of one million members! MyMusicTicket (MMT) not only pay similar (to free members) but add different levels of membership allowing to make more money from paying members and additional advertising revenue. So concept is definitely interesting. Details are still scarce, just some team building is happening. There is a target getting 10,000 initial member ready at time of launch. If you can believe in this concept you should consider being one of the first. Look how Twitter exploded recently! Those who believed in the concept early have now tens of thousands of followers under them. Do you understand the money potential those early birds have?

Not sure where this is going, but if you like to be updated on this opportunity and the power of building traffic through Social Networks then SUBSCRIBE HERE for latest developments.

Fred Lotgering
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Video products have a higher perceived value, are easier to use so they tend to sell better. You can make your own or use PLR videos to create your product but the little things you do in packaging your product make a huge difference in how much you earn. Doug Champigny has just released his Converting PLR Videos. Grab some of the PLR and then get:

Fred Lotgering.

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During the last few month writing the “First Mover Advantage Alerts” I noticed that recently new programs are popping up promoting the same subject. During the month of October several new “List Building” programs launched. It seems that sweveral new advertising programs are launching in November. I already wonder what type of programs will launch in December? My guess on this moment that December might be a good month for nutrition and health products. We will see!

In previous post I already mentioned Ad Gate World.  I just update my October Alert Page with several programs launching in November promising all kind of advertising tools.

Even the “Big Secret Launch” turns out to be a monthly subsciption for: community, paid to surf, traffic exchange, paid to emails and tons of advertising packages.

Expect a summary in my next post.

Fred Lotgering,

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Ad Gate World bring together the most successful elements of a social network site and the infinite power of internet marketing. AdGateWorld breakthrough revenue sharing model virtually guarantees the success of every member! Quite simply, we are a member based marketing community that provides a cost effective advertising and income generating system.

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AdGateWorld non-public pre-launch certainly turned public very fast! Everyone is very excited about our social advertising project. Over the next couple of  weeks we will be beta testing systems and preparing for full launch as soon as possible. The AdGate formula for success is based on proven models that are flourishing on the Internet and in brick and mortar businesses. A recipe that understands the very mechanisms that keep industry leaders such as Ebay, Facebook, Sam’s Club and CraigsList on the cutting edge. The blending of these components will allow each of us to take advantage of the ultimate Consumable product..advertising!