LotCon-Local-Business-Writing-Content280“Content is king” in the business marketing realm where good content is always being sought after. With the advanced technologies in place, good content is not difficult to generate, although many marketers and business owners are sometimes unsure of the smarter ways to develop great content which is highly in demand.

All businesses today require great content to draw more interested consumers to their shores in building brand awareness and engaging with targeted audience where possible. Good content is powerful in convincing readers to become loyal supporters of the brand and business besides being unofficial brand ambassadors by sharing the same content on social media to influence others on the brand, products or services.

Marketers who want more sales and greater brand presence in the market should consider implementing the following 5 ways in deploying content proactively to increase online traffic to their web business sites.

1) Consistent Original Content

Nobody likes to read stale content; fresh content is usually an original where something new is in the offering. Hence, original articles are highly sought after, which is not difficult to procure if the marketer is passionate about the brand and business. There should be a lot to write if the brand and business products or services are something dynamic which every consumer should know and own.

Original contents belong to their owner who is inspired with fresh insights into the brand and business products. There would always be something fresh or new from the brand or business with the ongoing technologies that churn out new dynamics.

Marketers and business owners who believe in their business brand and goods or services would not have any problem producing excellent content that is captivating, interesting and relevant to their targeted niche markets or consumers. It should be easy to write fresh content consistently to boost the brand and business in the market, although intense competition may keep the marketers on their toes at all times and content writers may be challenged to stay ahead of the competition.

Original contents could offer insights into different issues with plausible solutions which would impact consumers’ lives and buying power or decision that marketers want in their favor.

2) Captivating Content through Captivating Title

Great content would not be read if the whole package is not attractive; this refers to the outset of the article before consumers open the file to read the contents. It is crucial to attract potential customers with catchy headlines and bold statements that would captivate the attention while stirring the interest or curiosity of recipients.

The title of the article is a prelude to the great content which should draw consumers’ attention immediately in a captivating manner. The choice of words, style and fonts of the title all play an important role in convincing the reader to open up the file for a full read. Creative options such as using an authoritative voice, humor, inspirational quotes and irresistible offers as well as questions work very well on the titles to taunt and tempt consumers in opening the file.

3) Competitive Keywords or Phrases

Good content is built around competitive keywords which augur well with search engines. Popular keywords may increase the competitiveness of search engine searches but well selected keywords or even phrases enhance the search on the Internet.

This is where content writers must be aware of what works well on the Internet where search engines rule and reign. SERPs are very instrumental and influential in determining how web traffic would be directed. High page rankings are accorded to good content that incorporates the best of SEO with backlinks, competitive keywords and proper formats that encourage a quick find by search spiders.

Long tail keywords or phrases are now very popular as preferred keywords in articles that would catch the attention of search engines for a higher page ranking. This option encourages a faster and more accurate search than short tail keywords.

4) Videos and Podcasts

Advanced technologies should be aptly manipulated with their onslaught of new gadgets such as videos and podcasts. These components offer immediate credibility to sites hosting the content. Modern consumers embrace new technologies and devices very easily today; preference is given to video contents that are short and entertaining.

Online broadcasting is enjoyed even with audio recordings that are short and interesting depending on the selected topics. Simple equipment and implementation skills boost the deployment of video and podcast content.

5) Blogs on Social Media

Blogs are an excellent platform of support for great content to be readily displayed in public. Many blogs are available on public sites such as social media networks and online communities where thousands to millions of web consumers are found.

Blogs offer a platform for marketers and business owners to share their great content across a larger audience beyond borders through the Internet. Online forums could host a blog discussion where insights and comments could be shared among interested and like-minded consumers who could likely be potential business leads.

The blog site itself could be a resourceful channel that provides web consumers useful solutions and tools freely and readily. This would expand the brand and business presence in the market to draw in more traffic from around the vicinity to increase the business mailing list and database.

Good content could also be exposed on social media networks, newsgroups, online message boards and online community spaces where new ideas are encouraged and shared. Google, Facebook and ezine are excellent social media platforms and directories that could help springboard good content further ahead of the competition.


Great content is constantly sought by web consumers to be better informed in making intelligent and wise decisions especially on the web. A lot of information could be gathered from all corners of the Internet, although Google offers its expertise in identifying better content through its search algorithms and SERPs.

Marketers or content writers have a myriad of tools to boost their content on the Internet while identifying their preferred audience that would bring in more sales and profits.

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