What are e-zines?
Maybe it shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but most people on the internet and some self-possessed e-zine distributors do not know what the word E-ZINE really means. e-Zines are electronic publications distributed by email or posted on a website. e-Zines are typically focused on a certain subject matter. e-Zines are just like your typical magazine format of monthly or weekly topical publications in an electronic format.

Why are they called e-zines?
The title EZINE does not come from the phrase Electronic Magazine, cause you might be thinking that the E in electronic and the Zine in magazine are joined to form this word. Actually e-zine came from the word FanZine which was a publication with a small subscriber base back then. FanZines were targeted publications that were usually geared towards specific topics like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Football clubs. Those printed publications were called ‘FanZines’, but were frequently referred to as ‘Zines’ instead. Back to modern days, most e-zines are focused around specific topics and interest groups, just like the way the Zines once were. Adding an ‘E’ onto the beginning of the much coveted publication name “Zines” brings us to the word e-zines. This offers a much more logical explanation of where the word “e-zines” came from.

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