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SEO Software Reviews

SEO Elite, Web CEO, Internet Business Promoter (IBP),  SEO PowerSuite?

New or novice online marketers would do well referring to search engine optimization software reviews before embarking on their new found Internet businesses with gusto. There is a myriad of SEO software options that can assist Internet marketers in gaining more advantages if the right software options were selected especially when there is no restriction on the budget.

Market environment

With the progressive technologies available today, it may be that not only do the novice Internet marketers need to consult SEO software reviews to get the best pick of the day to boost their online business ventures but veteran marketers as well. Advanced SEO software offers a host of exciting features that can help online marketers and business owners gain a greater business momentum to stay competitive in the market.

SEO software has been specially designed and implemented to benefit not only tech geeks, but also online marketers and business owners who are taking advantage of the Internet in promoting their businesses. Advanced SEO software becomes an important must have business tool for all modern business owners, Internet marketers, webmasters and website owners or bloggers to stay current and relevant in the marketplace.

The different SEO software boasts of different advanced and exciting features that would push the business further in the market to bypass the rising competition. Manual business processes do not offer much mileage in business progress today when advanced SEO software options are available cheaply.

Every online marketer requires some choice of appropriate SEO software tools to be better equipped in order to stay ahead of the market competition. There are plenty of free and paid SEO software tools and solutions available in the market. It can be a daunting task for the new or novice Internet marketer or business owner to select one appropriate SEO software solution when the market is saturated with numerous options.

SEO software options

Some of the more popular SEO software solutions currently offered in the market include SEO Elite, SEO PowerSuite, Web CEO and Internet Business Promoter (IBP). These software options are popular as they are well established with a good track record on reliability and functionality. Many modern businesses are implementing one or more of these SEO software solutions to boost their market presence and bottom lines quickly.

However, the choice should be based on the business requirements and objectives as well as the market reputation of the preferred software solution.

SEO Elite

The SEO Elite software is an ideal piece of business software for online business owners who need to get their business off the ground quickly. Its advanced and versatile features can enhance the web business site’s presence in the market easily even for the beginner marketer. The SEO Elite received a host of favorable reviews with accolades on Brad Callen’s talents in generating a software tool that can push up the web business page ranking quickly. It is amazing that this ingenious software works like a pro at pulling up the website’s ranking to as high as the top ten positions in Google.

It is possible to outrank competitors with SEO Elite where its dynamic features automatically index a targeted website, making it favorable to top search engines. SEO activities are simplified with SEO Elite which also generates a high volume of web traffic to the business site, sends out emails automatically on behalf of the business owner to potential customers so that sales would be increased.

The features available in SEO Elite are dynamic, versatile and easy to implement and use to generate the desired effects quickly. Effective links can be created to enjoy a higher degree of attention by Google via its advanced analysis system. It is easy to optimize the web pages to gain leads and make a distinct presence in the market with SEO Elite.

A constant contribution keeps the high volume of traffic flowing to the targeted business site that in turn generates more sales. Smart Internet marketers should consider the pros and cons of SEO Elite via authorized reviews before implementing this software into their business process.


Web CEO is another popular piece of SEO software that is considered a comprehensive SEO tool in the market today for managing SEO on multiple websites. Its popularity has quickly gained momentum with the availability of different versions such as SmallBiz and Professional editions.

The three primary operational functions are building highly targeted SEO web pages, web traffic tracking and website maintenance.  A free version with limited features is available, although the paid versions feature 12 varied SEO tools for an effective targeted keyword research with a tool kit included. Web CEO works to compare competitors’ web pages and identify the source of their top rankings.


IBP software focuses on achieving top listings for a targeted website. It features work to monitor updates from top search engine algorithms constantly to ensure the latest information for web page optimization. There is an advanced keyword research tool that speeds up top searched keywords.

IBP promotes the web business site with a high ranking from popular search engines. Web pages are optimized using the latest search engine algorithms. There is an exclusive 1 year money back guarantee if the website does not achieve a top 10 ranking with search engines.

SEO Powersuite

Many online business owners consider SEO Powersuite an integral component to the success of their Internet business ventures as it offers a variety of tools that boost search engine optimization and website management with onsite problem diagnosis using its Website Auditor. Its RankTracker functions to track the search positions while its SEO SpyGlass searches out competitors backlinks. SEO Powersuite has a LinkAssistant that is designed to locate high quality backlink sources to draw more traffic to the website.

This wide suite of SEO tools is really an ‘all-in-one’ software package that can be applied every day to enjoy all its benefits.


SEO software reviews are great sources to identify the suitability of software tools for different online businesses. The choice of SEO software tools depends on the business requirements and objectives of different businesses.

How to run solo ads mailings to get traffic.

Solo ads mailings give you (and your clients) fast, targeted and consistent traffic.

You won’t get that using free methods. You can start small and scale up. You can control where your traffic comes from and you can immediately monetize it so that it pays for itself.

Want to know how the pros get their traffic? Many of them use solo ads. Sure, they’ll sell you products on how to get free traffic, but when they want a steady stream of new prospects and customers, savvy marketers use solo-ads, regardless of what niche they’re in.

You know those solo ads mailings you see for push-button make money solutions?

Solo mailing of ads is as close to push-button as you can get. The tricky part is getting your system to convert well enough to break even or better.

Once it does, it’s simply a matter of buying solo ads and adding to your ever increasing list.

Here’s what you and your clients need to know:

1. is an excellent place to get started. So is asking owners of lists, regardless of niche. Blog owners, affiliates, product owners, etc., who are in your niche are good prospects to do solo ads for you.

2. Always purchase “guaranteed clicks” rather than mailing to a certain number of people. For example, if you buy 100 clicks you know you’re getting 100 clicks (or likely a little bit more.) But if you have your solo ad sent to a list of 10,000, you don’t know if you’re going to get a 1000 clicks or NO clicks.

3. Provide a swipe email to the list owner. Most solo sellers do NOT accept ads for paid offers, so offer something for free (as we discussed earlier.) The person sending out your offer will use their own name as recommending your freebie to their list.

4. Target your clicks. If your swipe is generic blind copy, the sender will have an easier time getting the number of clicks you purchased but the clicks you receive won’t be as targeted. For example, if you don’t tell much about your offer so that it can appeal to the masses, your sender might only need to send out 400 emails to get 100 clicks. But those clicks won’t be very targeted. However, if you pre-qualify your leads by giving them lots of detail about what they’ll be getting when they click, then you’ll wind up with much more targeted leads which is exactly what you want. In our example the sender might have to send 1000 emails to get your 100 clicks, but it doesn’t cost you any extra and you wind up with a much more qualified list.

Just to be clear, an example of blind, un-targeted copy is: “Get this great system for making money fast – and it’s free!” The recipient has no idea how the system works or what they’ll have to do to make the money. Targeted copy might read: “Offer this simple video making service to local businesses and you’ll make money fast – get the complete system for free!” Now they know exactly what they’ll need to do, and in this case you’ll only get people on your list who are actually interested in doing local marketing.

5. Buy smaller sized solos, especially at first. Test a list by purchasing only 100 clicks and seeing how well they convert. If you like the results, purchase more.

6. To get more clicks, spread them around. If you’re shooting for 1,000 clicks a week, you could get one 1,000 click mailing, or ten 100 click mailings. Nearly every sender likes to over deliver on clicks, so if you book 10 mailings of 100 clicks, you’re likely to get 110 to 120 clicks each. If you book one mailing of 1,000, you’re likely to get 1,020 clicks or so. This means by doing a larger number of smaller mailings, you can get more clicks. Of course, if you’re getting a price break on a larger mailing, you’ll need to factor that in as well.

7. Always track. If you’re using, their system already tracks how many clicks are delivered. But you’ll still need to track conversions.

8. Separate out the buyers and treat them like gold.

9. Follow up relentlessly. Stay in contact, forge relationships, engage and sell.

10. Segment. Besides separating the buyers from the prospects, you also want to separate them by interests. For example, if you’re in the make money through marketing niche, you can segment into online, offline, video, traffic, etc. You can do this through the products you sell and give away. One great method is to create a short and powerful report that you offer to your list on a specific topic. Anyone who signs up for that freebie is now on that list, and you know for a fact they are interested in that topic. Find or make worthwhile products on that topic and send those offers to that list.

Segmenting can be highly profitable because you are further targeting your customers and honing in on exactly what they want. Yet most marketers don’t segment or do a poor job of it. Teach your coaching students how to do this and you can easily add an additional five figures to their bottom line.

And by the way, any time you see a marketer bragging about making ridiculous amounts of money from tiny lists, segmenting is how they’re doing it.

If you haven’t yet used solo ads yourself, I recommend you do so before you start coaching others on this business model. You’ll discover many more tricks and tips along the way that I just didn’t have time to cover here.

Once you master the skill of building profitable lists using paid traffic, you can branch out into banner ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads, etc. There is a world of possibilities to bring targeted traffic in day after day for free simply by setting up a funnel that makes you as much money as you pay for the solo ads mailings.

Everything else after that? Gravy.

How to Get Traffic From SlideShare

 How to Get Traffic From SlideShare

How to Get Traffic From SlideShareSlideshare gets about 78 million visitors a month and has an Alexa Rank of 123. It’s possible for even the little marketer to get featured if your presentation is good enough. Plus the competition for eyeballs isn’t all that great, which means you can get lots of traffic.

In fact, as I’m writing this, I see 4 slide shows that were posted just 1 day ago that all have over 100,000 views. In one day! Of course these videos were featured, something you should aspire to when making your presentation.

How Do You Make a SlideShare Presentation?

First, you need either PowerPoint for PC, Keynote for Mac or the free alternative – OpenOffice.

Next, choose your topic. If you’ve got a blog, look at your posts and find the most popular ones – the ones that were commented on the most and shared the most. These are topics people are obviously interested in.

No need to reinvent the wheel or get all fancy with your information. Just like a blog post, you’re looking for content that is helpful, informative and hopefully entertaining.

Make an outline for your presentation – sort of a bullet point summary of what you want to say.

Source your images. Don’t skimp on this, because on SlideShare the images and presentation can count for more than the actual content. Make sure you don’t infringe on any copyrights when locating your images, and give credit to image sources in your SlideShare description.

Choose large images that really capture the eye, and preferably images that also evoke emotion. It’s much better to have a small amount of text on a large image, than a lot of text and a small image.

Remember: This is a slide show, not a book. Lengthy paragraphs should either be shortened or broken into several slides.

Don’t use bullet points, at least not the way you’re used to using them. If you have bullet points, place just one point on each slide. Get rid of any bullet points that can’t hold the viewers attention on their own.

Choose fonts that are easy to read but also interesting to look at.

Make your presentation 800 x 600 – it’s the perfect size for SlideShare.

Your Cover Slide Is Your Ad For Your Presentation

Put your very best, most captivating picture on the front. Remember, people can only see the first slide before they open your presentation, so make it a doozy. Your first slide has to sell the viewer on clicking on your slide show. If it doesn’t, you won’t get the view.

Insert a link to your blog in your last slide, along with a strong call to action. You can insert a live link in your presentation (URL with anchor text), along with spelling out the URL for those who don’t realize they can click your link.

Name your presentation with your keywords or keyword phrase. For example, How-To-Bake-A-Cake or 9-Ways-To-Increase-Conversions. SlideShare will then likely take your exact title and place it after the .com for your URL (known as the slug.) For example, This can help you tremendously with SEO.

Along the same lines, include your keywords in your description as well as in your presentation. Yes, Google will “read” your SlideShare presentation, plus SlideShare itself will post the text as a transcript at the bottom of the page. And since SlideShare is a PR8 site, you’ll get some good, non-spammy backlinking juice.

Getting Your Presentation Featured

Take a look at SlideShare’s home page…

And notice all the different ways you can get featured on that page. You can be listed in Top; Featured; Top in a Category such as Business, Career, Education, etc.; Top in Latest Conferences; or Trending in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Once you get your SlideShare featured in any of these categories, your views can go through the roof, especially if you hit Top.

That’s why you want to pay special attention to your timing. You want all of your new views to initially come on one day, not divided into two days, because the views you initially get help to determine if you will be featured or not.

Upload your presentation 20-24 hours before SlideShare changes the Top Presentations of the Day.

It appears (and this could always change) that SlideShare changes the Top Presentation of the Day at around 8-10 pm EST.

So assuming this is still true, you’ll want to upload your presentation around 11 pm EST. Want to be sure and also maximize your potential views? Refresh the page every so often until you see new featured SlideShares, and then upload your presentation at that time.

SlideShare is a Social Network, So Get Networking

SlideShare is like any other social network, in that you follow others and hope they follow you. So you’ll want to interact, share other people’s presentations, like or comment on presentations, etc. The bigger your network, the more views you can get to your presentations when you post them.

If you connect your SlideShare account to your Facebook account, then SlideShare will automatically connect you to your Facebook friends who are also on SlideShare, so you can very quickly start building your social network.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike YouTube, you can re-upload your presentation to SlideShare. Why would you want to? Maybe you made a mistake, or you want to change your call to action. Or perhaps your presentation is becoming dated, but it’s still getting traffic. The best part is, when you re-upload you still keep your slug, your views, your comments – everything.

Once you’ve uploaded your presentation, you can now embed it on your blog and also encourage others to embed it on their sites as well.

Be sure to tell your lists and your social networks when you’ve uploaded a new presentation, and ask them to check it out. The more traffic your presentation gets in the first 24 hours, the more likely it will be one of the featured presentations getting copious amount of traffic, courtesy of SlideShare.

Is It Worth The Work?

Most likely, yes. If your video gets featured and you’ve got a strong call to action, then there’s no doubt it’s worth it because you’ll get new subscribers and new visitors to your website.

You can also re-purpose your presentations for YouTube to drive even more traffic.

You get a PR8 backlink for each presentation you place on SlideShare.

And since you can embed your presentation into your blog post, your post will become more shareable on social media and hopefully bring in more traffic.

So yes, it can definitely be worth the work. Just make sure your presentations look professional. View numerous presentations to get an idea of what’s working best, and also go to sites like…

…to get more tips on how to get traffic from SlideShare and  how to effectively create slide presentations that get watched and shared.

How to Start Podcasting In 24 Hours

Why start podcasting? Because first and foremost, you’re creating alliances and forging relationships with experts in your niche. You’re helping them to get more exposure for their brand and they’ll love you for it.

Second, you’re gaining a wider audience as those experts tell their lists about your podcast. (HINT – Add opt-in forms to your podcast pages.)

Third, you’re building your own credibility by being associated with these experts.

But don’t you need fancy software or an expensive service to podcast? Actually, no. If you’ve got a phone and a computer, all you need is a service such as Blog Talk Radio and you’re in business.

You can get setup in minutes, they’ll archive your files and they make it easy to share. Decide what you want to name your show (catchy and/or descriptive is good) and choose your target market.

Then choose your experts to interview. Whose websites do you frequent? Whose books do you read? Make a list and reach out to these people. Start with B listers and work your way up to A listers so you can get some experience before interviewing those you consider to be the big dogs of your niche. If you start with A listers, you’ll find they’re difficult to pin down when you have no track record. And if they do agree to an interview, there’s a good chance you’ll be too nervous to do a really decent job. So get some experience under your belt and THEN approach the bigger names.

If you’re having trouble finding guests, visit sites such as Help A Reporter to find experts who want to be interviewed.

When approaching people, tell them you are the producer and host of your  show. Tell them you’re a fan and you want to interview them. Then prepare for the show so you know something about them and you especially have a great list of questions to ask.

Consider limiting your show to 30 minutes or less. It’s easier and frankly less tedious for everyone involved (guest, listeners, you) if you don’t blather on for 2 hours straight, especially at first when you’re still getting the hang of this.



404 Error Page Profits

404 Error Page ProfitsNo matter how hard you try to prevent it, sooner or later you’ll have prospects land on your 404 error page. When they do, they have a choice – try to find what they were looking for or give up. Care to guess what happens more often? That’s right, they leave in frustration.

So instead of the usual “Whoops! We’re sorry but what you’re looking for has moved” page, consider customizing your error pages to get them to do something.

For example, you could give them an option to opt into your list with an offer that is different than your landing page. This can be highly effective. “Congrats! You just found our secret page where we give away ___. Just tell us where to send it and it’s yours.”

Or you might make them an offer they can’t refuse, such as a great deal on one of your most popular products, or a combination offer for a super low price. “Oops! You just landed on our error page, but we’re going to make it up to you. Here’s $xx.xx off of our super hot selling ___.”

You see an ad for a new traffic gimmick that sends you thousands of visitors a day. Or maybe it’s someone bragging on the forum that they get 50% opens on their emails, or that 25% of their email recipients click the links inside the emails.

I’ve only got one question for those who spend time on such things – how do you pay your bills with opens, clicks and visitor numbers? Because if they can tell me that, then I’m all ears. Otherwise, it’s about time some one said what needs saying – those numbers don’t mean a darned thing.

Let’s say you get 10 visitors to your website and your competitor gets a million visitors. I’m using crazy numbers here to prove a point, so bear with me.

Out of your 10 visitors, 5 of them buy a $1000 product. You’ve just made $5000. Your competitor doesn’t sell a single thing to any of those million visitors, but there they are, bragging about their traffic and trying to sell you a product on how you can replicate their results…

…while you quietly grin all the way to the bank.

Or maybe you send out a series of emails that only get a 10% open rate and only 10% of those opens click the link, but again you outsell your competitor who’s getting 50% opens and 25% clicks.

Are you going to think you’re doing poorly? You are if you measure your success by their terms. But again, all that matters is the bottom line.

So much of what they try to peddle in marketing is simply smoke and mirrors. It’s a wise person indeed who can see through the nonsense to what is truly important.

Let’s say you have a subject line that says, “Naked hot movie star pics” and you get a 100% open rate. But you’re selling a product on blogging. How many sales will you get? Likely none. But you got a 100% open rate, that should count for something, right?

Let’s say you’re still selling the exact same blogging product, but your subject line is, “How to make $100 a day blogging.” This time your open rate is a dismal 10%, but from that 10% you make 50 sales.

Which is better?:

  • The 100% open rate and no sales?
  • Or the 10% open rate and 50 sales?

The next time some one is bragging about their opens, clicks and number of visitors, ask them one question: How much in SALES are they doing? Because that’s the only statistic that pays the bills.

One of the most popular and widely shared blogposts is the ‘List’ post because people love lists. For example, look at David Letterman’s top ten lists – they almost always gain some viral traction.

But in our case, we’re not going to depend exclusively on viral traffic. Instead, we’re going to get others to promote our blogpost by inviting them to share the spotlight.

Go to and you’ll find a social curation tool that allows you to build dynamic lists of links that can be embedded on your blog. Basically, you are crowd sourcing your blogpost. You can create lists of anything you like, including tips, websites, tools, and even a list of lists.

Choose a great topic that your readers will love and set up a list of your own. Your topic might be something like, “Top tips to grow your business online” or “Best dating advice for women over 30.”

Now others can submit their own tips and links to their relevant blogposts. And the vast majority of those who do will also promote your post on their own blog because they’re featured in it.

Best of all, your content is growing, dynamic and interactive. You can even allow readers to vote individual items on the list up or down so the most popular stays on top.

If you really want your list to get shared a lot, find a way to tie it to current news. For example, when Google announced it was shutting down Google Reader, someone started a list of alternatives and asked for more suggestions. Within days the list had grown to over 40 Google Reader alternatives and was gaining a ton of traffic.

TIPS for making the most of

  • Ask for help in filling out the list. As always, you need to tell people what to do to get them to do it. So ask them to leave their best tip, idea, etc.
  • Leave room for others to respond. If you create an exhaustive list, there won’t be much left for others to say. That’s why you only want to start the list with 3-5 items and leave the rest to others.
  • Embed your list onto your website. And it doesn’t matter if you place it in the sidebar or inside a blogpost, if it’s being read on a laptop or a phone because’ list will automatically resize to fit the space available.
  • Make a list of the top movers and shakers in your niche. These top guns are likely to link to the list, thus giving you premium link juice as well as traffic.
  • Other website owners can display your list on their website, so in case they do, be sure to brand your list. For example, if your website is, then you might use,“’s List of Marketers of the Year For 2013” in a banner at the top.
  • Fill out the credits. This is the website address that your list links to. It might be your home page, or you might want to set up a landing page to track traffic.

The secret to a great is to choose a topic people want to contribute to and want to share with others. Do this and your list will go viral. Do it really well and you could have a traffic surge on your hands.

Modern technologies today bring on a host of new business demands to boost sales and profits quickly. The Internet is a powerful platform in today’s marketing endeavors with millions of users surfing daily. Hence, smart businesses manipulate the Internet as much as possible using the latest sophisticated tools and techniques to reach a wider audience quickly. This is where Internet marketing approaches are creatively designed and implemented to promote traffic to the web business site constantly to boost company branding, image and market presence.
Marketing approaches
The core of any successful business is its successful marketing campaigns. These must be well crafted to meet the company objectives of bigger bottom lines and stronger market presence in a continually demanding business environment stemming from competitors and consumers.
Any marketing effort must be effective in promoting the company brand and offerings with a growing targeted traffic to the web business site; otherwise, the company would fade into oblivion in the World Wide Web like debris in space. A successful web business site requires huge traffic volume every day to be in the spotlight with a high volume of sales from these visits. It is crucial for the high traffic to be converted into sales to benefit the business bottom lines.
There is a myriad of ways to drive traffic to a business site to achieve the business objectives even on the Internet with state-of-the-art technologies and solutions available in the market today. There are many creative and innovative marketing gurus and SEO experts who are able to design and implement successful Internet marketing campaigns that would generate the desired business outcomes quickly and cost effectively.
Effective marketing campaigns
One effective Internet marketing promotion idea in drawing large traffic to the website is a well designed website that is optimized to attract the attention of top search engines for a higher page ranking. This in turn results in faster searches that bring in more web visitors to the targeted web business site for a higher sales conversion rate. A high listing by popular search engines through SEO techniques or interesting Internet marketing options such as PPC is crucial to improve the business sales and image in the market.

Search engine marketing has been noted as a very effective Internet marketing promotion idea where most Internet users use the Internet search engines to search for information. A good listing by top search engine is very effective in pushing more traffic to the targeted website, especially if the marketing campaigns are well designed to meet the company’s marketing objectives.
The use of the right keywords is essential to the designing of a cost effective search engine marketing campaign. Certain popular keywords can raise the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign where the targeted audience is successfully drawn to the web business site.
A well designed search engine marketing strategy would have web page titles and descriptions displayed in search engine results to attract more Internet users to the web business site.
New and old marketing plans
A business can design and develop bespoke Internet marketing plans through modern technologies and sophisticated tools to drive the desired traffic to the web business site. A competitive company can consider link exchanges, banner advertisements, the publishing of SEO articles, affiliate programs, email marketing, newsgroups and online forums as well as website listing in popular online directories and portals to boost its market presence.
Traditional marketing methods are still viable to draw in the right crowd in promoting the business online or offsite. Press releases with media or newspaper advertisements are still popular with a high readership. Publishing relevant and helpful content in industry-related magazines can promote the company’s area of specialization or expertise.
Leaflets and flyers can be dropped into mailboxes for a quick read while coupons offering special promotions or discounts for more saving are welcomed by consumers in this uncertain economy. Companies with the budget can engage radio or television advertising, telemarketing or billboard advertisements which are more costly than other marketing options.
Many companies may participate or host trade shows and seminars that are designed to educate and inform the public on the wide range of services or goods offered as well as their Internet business.
Online and offline advertising ideas are plentiful for driving targeted traffic to any business website, although online marketing ideas in promoting the business are preferred today with the progressive technologies emerging.
Company’s approach
A successful Internet marketing idea or strategy requires a well conducted research on the targeted market. This approach allows marketers to identify the exact target market and its characteristics that would meet the business objectives easily and quickly without wasting time and money.
Surveys can be conducted to understand the targeted market needs and demands or expectations on the company to offer the right wares and services for a definite business success. Next, excellent design tools and techniques are adopted to formulate the marketing program that would benefit the business. Some companies may choose to design and develop their Internet marketing promotion ideas in-house while others prefer to hire the experts in the market.
It is important to identify the objectives and goals of any Internet marketing program to be implemented. The end results must be evaluated against these goals and objectives to confirm the viability and success of the implemented marketing program. There must be relevant reports to evaluate the success of the marketing program to identify the strengths and weaknesses. Smart companies would adjust or change their Internet marketing strategies quickly if weaknesses are identified to prevent the achievement of desired goals and objectives.

Different seasons would demand different marketing campaigns with different consumer needs arising. Changes in demographics also call for changes to Internet marketing ideas as consumer behavior changes over time and place although the Internet narrows the physical divide.

As new technologies traffic driving come onto the market scene, new marketing solutions and applications would be available to entice companies into adopting new marketing approaches that are more efficient and cost effective to reach a wider targeted audience such as social media networking.

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